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Whether you are looking for a Home Based Business, or you have just started a Home Based Business, or you are a Veteran Home Based Business Entrepreneur . this is the place for you.

We're all about ~Women Helping Women~Sharing, Caring, and Believing in Each Other!

As Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs in Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Small Business, or Solo Practices (Coaching, Consulting, Counseling) .you are really in the business of Directly Selling Your Products and/or Services to others. Most often, you are the 'Chief Cook and Bottle Washer'. YOU DO IT ALL.

This website will help you connect with others just like you. We are here to provide ideas, support and solutions to Educate, Empower and Energize You.

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'The Women's Millionaire Club' Wants YOU to Join The Club: Women Entrepreneurs--your daily destination for books, cd's, videos plus a community of women helping women to educate, empower and energize each other with articles, inspirational quotes, motivational blogs, Make a Difference, practical ?How To' tele-seminars, and more.


*The ingredients to Design Your Life around YOUR Family instead of work or your Boss

*The ingredients to Get What You WANT -- Financial and Time Freedom

*The ingredients of 'How To' share with others to create Million Dollar Residual Income